• Can I make cash donations?

    No, you can only donate via the website.

  • How much am I supposed to donate?

    Consider that a one month meditation course online can cost around $100. You are getting access to a course for the price of the registration fee, so consider making up the difference with your donation. Ninety four percent of the money you are giving goes DIRECTLY to Charity Water who gives 100% of it to the water projects. We appreciate your generosity.

  • Are donations tax deductible?

    Donations are NOT tax deductible, unless you are located in the USA. However, the advantage of donating to charity water is that 100% of the donations given to charity water go directly towards building wells.

  • Do I have to meditate EVERY day for the month of May to participate?

    Mindful in May is an opportunity to bring the benefits of meditation into your life. It is an invitation to develop the habit of creating mindfulness in your day leading to an improved ability to respond to life’s challenges.

    Generally, forming habits requires a daily commitment for a minimum of 30 days. However, we can all forget sometimes to practice something new we have set out to do. If this happens don’t be hard on yourself, you’re only human.

    Practicing mindfulness is about creating a gentle and compassionate relationship with yourself and with others in the world. If you miss a day, just notice that, remind yourself that you’re only human, we all forget sometimes, and get on with the practice.

    We’ll be supporting you through the month and giving tips on how to pick it up again if you’ve fallen out of the rhythm.

  • I like the idea of meditation but I don’t think I can do it for a month? Is there any way I can participate for a shorter time?

    Mindful in May is a one month invitation. If you’re not ready for a month challenge you’re welcome to try it for two weeks. Who knows, you might find you’ll want to keep going. But we ask for a donation towards the cause, no matter how many days you choose to meditate.

  • I'm an experienced meditator and would like to challenge myself to sit for longer, can I still participate?

    By all means! We are providing material for people who are new to meditation. We have set a 10min a day goal as a reasonably achievable time for most people. If you are wanting to extend your practice that’s great!

    The audio meditations are there as a support. If you prefer to sit in silence with your own practice, no problem.