Stressed or anxious? Build your mental strength 💪

A five-day course to help you deal with overwhelm, anxiety & the demands of life. punch worry in the face! 👊🏻

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Hi, I'm Elise Bialylew – a doctor of psychiatry, a mindfulness expert and the bestselling author of The Happiness Plan.

Along with having taught 40,000+ people to meditate through my online courses, I've done my own research study to prove it only takes 10 minutes of mindfulness meditation a day to experience significant health benefits, including greater focus, improved stress management, reduced negative emotions and increased compassion for the self and others. 

In this mini-course you’ll learn:

  • Science-backed tools for balancing your nervous system
  • How to immediately reduce your stress load in various areas of your life
  • How to develop better mind/body awareness, to better control anxiety
  • Why not all stress is bad for you
  • How practicing mindfulness can help not just you, but the world as a whole

It's time for worry to meet your inner strength 👊🏻 Whether you’re at beginner level, intermediate, or pro, join me for 5 days of mental training to reduce stress and boost your emotional resilience.


What’s included:

You will get access to a dashboard with the teachings, plus daily reminders via email for five days. Each day has a lesson and instructions for working through a particular area of your life, plus a meditation specifically for that day. You also get a 10 page workbook to help you deep dive into your transformation.

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day one

Ideas for reducing stress in your life straight away + a simple meditation

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day two

What is good stress and not-so-good stress?

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Deep dive into the neurology of stress

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day FOUR

A long meditation & insight into what mindfulness can do for you

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day FIVE

How to use your meditation practice to help the world

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day SIX

Where to go from here?



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Normally $39, we are offering this training for $9 and donating all proceeds to Wildlife Victoria to help animals affected by bushfires.

Course price: $39

Wildlife donation: $9