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Mindful in May is the world’s largest online global mindfulness meditation training program and challenge that makes learning mindfulness meditation easy, while also helping to raise funds for clean water projects in developing countries.

The program features the world’s best mindfulness experts and neuroscientists who will share science backed tools to help you manage stress more effectively, build resilience and thrive in life.

When you register for the challenge, for just $49, you’ll get one months access to a life transforming online mindfulness program that takes you by the hand and helps you make meditation a habit so that you can experience the benefits of a brain and mind that are functioning at their best.

When you register for just $49 before May 1st you’ll receive:

  • Access to the one month online program for the whole of May that will give you tools that will transform your life
  • More than 16+ exclusive video interviews with some of the world’s best experts in mindfulness and wellbeing including: Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Siegel, Mark Nepo, Tara Brach and many more…
  • A daily email during May to keep you on track with your meditation
  • 12+ Guided meditations to help you feel more relaxed, get better sleep, be kinder to yourself, be less emotionally triggered, be more patient and kind in your relationships, manage emotions like fear, anxiety and anger with greater self-awareness and less reactivity
  • Access to a Facebook community to connect with other like minded people from around the world, be supported, be guided in live guided meditation and get all of your meditation questions answered in real time
  • A live guided online meditation with me to close your month of practice and ask any of your remaining mindfulness questions

Celebrities including Magda Szubanski have participated and are joining the program again this year. Listen to what Madga had to say about her Mindful in May experience.

Register at it’s only $49 to learn inner tools for outer flourishing, wellbeing and wisdom. 

Mindfulness is now recognised as a powerful tool that can help you upgrade your inner technology – the mind, to keep up with demands of our increasingly complex and uncertain world. It is a form of mental training that can enhance resilience, work performance and engagement and overall physical and mental wellbeing.  Google (silicon Valley) has already signed up to Mindful in May recognising the power of mindfulness to improve effectiveness in daily life.

There is now compelling evidence supporting the fact that mindfulness meditation when practised regularly, can lead to:

•   Structural changes in the brain associated with enhanced mental performance
•   Reduced stress and it’s negative impact on the body and mind
•   Improved physical and mental well being
•   Reduced genetic ageing through it’s protective impact on gene expression and degeneration
•   Increased happiness.
•   Enhanced immune function

Register for the challenge and join thousands of  people around the world transforming their minds and the world for the better.

It’s a win, win.

Create a clear mind for you and clean water for others.

Register before May 1st and get your daily Mindful in May emails and access to the online program starting May 1st. Funds raised contribute directly to bringing clean water to the one in ten people on the planet who struggle daily to access it with the support of Charity Water, our charity partner.

Short copy

Mindful in May is a one month global, online mindfulness meditation challenge that brings the benefits of meditation together with an opportunity to contribute to bringing clean, safe drinking water to those living in the developing world. It’s just ten minutes a day of guided meditation from the 1st of May. The program, created by founder Dr Elise Bialylew, includes weekly audio meditation downloads, exclusive interviews with leading experts in the field of meditation, wellbeing, and wisdom and cutting edge science to keep you connected to your challenge.

Create a clear mind for you and clean water for others.

It’s a no brainer.

Helpful  Blog posts to inspire fundraising and share information about the impact of MIM

Here are a few articles Elise has written about mindfulness and Mindful in May feel free to share using hashtag #mindfulinmay and tagging @Mindfulinmay

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See the massive impact we’ve had in bringing clean water to thousands in Africa HERE

Print out a poster HERE and put it up in your workplace

Mindful in May on ABC NEWS 

A perfect companion to Mindful in May is Elise’s book, The Happiness Plan: an one month guidebook to less stress and greater wellbeing. You can download the first 20 pages for FREE here or buy it on Amazon (AUD) or Amazon(US), Book depository,

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