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Mindful in May Founder, Dr Elise Bialylew

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Transform your mind and the world with just 10 minutes of meditation a day this May

Global program Mindful in May teaches people to meditate while raising money for a global cause

January 2019 - Mindful in May, the world’s largest online mindfulness meditation and fundraising campaign, returns for its seventh year. The campaign, which attracts thousands of participants annually, has two important goals; to help people find calm and clarity through ten minutes of mindfulness meditation every day during the month of May, and raise money for clean water projects in developing countries across the globe.


Research undertaken by Monash University revealed that participants of the program experienced measurable, positive health benefits. These included greater focus, improved stress management, increased levels of self-compassion, greater positivity and reduced negative emotions.


The program offers an evidence-based approach to mindfulness and includes exclusive video interviews with global experts in well-being, mindfulness and the brain, including New York Times bestselling authors Dr Daniel Siegel, Daniel Goleman, and Mark Epstein. Mindful in May has also had the support of ambassadors such as Magda Szubanski and partners such as Google HQ in Silicon Valley.  


Mindful in May founder, Dr Elise Bialylew, a doctor, mindfulness meditation expert and author of bestselling book The Happiness Plan, is determined to bring the transformative power of mindfulness to people around the world, while simultaneously improving the lives of those living in poverty. “It’s like a fun-run for your mind, where you learn tools to develop greater mental fitness and resilience”, Elise explains. “While also doing your bit to raise funds for those in the world who are most in need of help.”


Depression is the leading cause of global burden of disease in developed countries and one in ten people on the planet in developing countries are unable to access clean, safe drinking water. “Mindful in May tackles these two global health issues at the same time – mental wellbeing and the water crisis in the developing world,” she adds. “So far the initiative has taught over 30,000 people to meditate and raised over $600,000 to provide over 12,000 people with clean, safe drinking water.”


Registration and fundraising open at the beginning of April and, from May 1st, participants commit to practicing just ten minutes of mindfulness everyday, throughout the month. Participants can sign up as an individual or create a meditation fundraising campaign with family, friends or work colleagues.

In addition, they are invited to donate or be sponsored to stay accountable to the daily meditation challenge, while they make a positive difference in the world.


Transform your mind and the world with just 10 minutes of meditation a day this May. Join Mindful in May #mindfulinmay @mindfulinmay


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Mindful in May is the world’s largest annual, online mindfulness fundraising campaign. It's a one month online program featuring exclusive in-depth interviews with world  leaders in the field of meditation and wellbeing, who each share their latest scientifically-backed, cutting-edge insights to help you flourish. So far the initiative has not only taught over 30,000 people to meditate, it has also raised over $600,000 to transform the lives of more than 12,000 people through the gift of clean, safe drinking water.


Transform your mind and the world with just 10 minutes of meditation a day this May.


Register Now #mindfulinmay @mindfulinmay


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