Interview: Berry Liberman, mindful publisher

Berry Liberman is the publisher and editor-in-chief of Dumbo Feather magazine.

Her other professional commitments include being Creative Director of Small Giants, a private social enterprise investment company, and a director of the Melbourne Festival.

Berry lives in Melbourne with her husband Danny, son Amos and daughter Willow, and is actively involved in philanthropy and awareness campaigns for the environment, poverty alleviation, education and the arts.

1. What led you to meditation?

Acting classes as a kid. Lots of visualisation exercises and inadvertently meditation practice. I did a TM course about ten years ago and that sealed it for me. Although I wouldn’t advocate paying money to learn meditation.

2. What value has practising meditation brought to your life?

It allowed me to have two magnificent natural births – especially since the labours were long and had their challenges. It has been an empowering force in my life, reminding me to breathe and gather myself (a good tool for a mum).

3. How has meditation supported you in your professional life?

I always forget to breathe properly at work! Although when I’m really nervous, for public speaking especially, I can do a quick meditation to centre myself.

4. What are the biggest obstacles to your practice?

Life.  Not living in a cave on a mountaintop…

5. What is a quote that most inspires you and why?

‘Comparison is the death of happiness.’
Because it’s true.

6. What is a book that has opened you to new ideas and inspired your growth and why?

Buddhism for Mothers – reminds me to stop and breathe and be kind to myself and my family.

7. What Mindful Music do you listen to (ie. music that grabs your full attention and brings you into the moment).

Riley Lee, ‘Sanctuary’.

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