Mindful in May events…

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

~Margaret Mead

There are a few wonderful FREE events happening around Melbourne for anyone who is signed up or has donated to the Mindful in May cause.

Here they are If you missed them on our facebook page or twitter:

Mindful in May Celebration Drinks!

Don’t miss your last opportunity to meet your fellow MIMsters in MAY! It’s been an incredible month of meditation, creativity, community and contribution. Through signing up and donating to Mindful in May you have collectively contributed to changing the lives of more than 1000 people in the developing world.

Come and celebrate your efforts and generosity at the BACK BAR in prahran on Wed night the 30th of May. They are generously supporting the cause by gifting you with a drink on arrival!



Mindful sound meditation

Join us on Friday night the 25th May for a tibetan bowl sound meditation thanks to Ohana Yoga. This is a gift from Gena Kenny at Ohana Yoga for MIM participants. It will be beautiful but get in quick as there are only 18 tickets!

Tickets HERE


Mindful music event

One of our MIMsters is hosting a mindful music event in his loungeroom. It is THIS sunday 20th of May and will be a gorgeously relaxed afternoon of mindful melodies and mingling. His loungeroom’s not that big so be quick getting your ticket. Bring an instrument if you play or else just your ears, attention and openness to meet new MIMsters.

Tickets HERE


Mindful Coffee at WALL280

If your mindfulness practice has been waning over the month and you need a bit of a lift, the WALL280, one of melbourne’s best coffee haunts, are generously supporting the Mindful in May cause. They’ll gift you a coffee if you hand them a ticket. Drink your coffee mindfully and then share what you noticed on facebook or twitter…(we love pics).


If you missed out on the actual Mindful in May one month or two week challenge you can still  be part of this community by donating to the cause! We are close to reaching enough money to build the 5th water well and help another village.







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