Mindfulness of Breath


This practice is best done in the seated position or you can do it lying down if you prefer

Sit in a comfortable chair and ensure adequate back support if needed or use a meditation cushion if you have one

  • Make sure your feet are flat on the floor with legs uncrossed
  • Your back, neck and head should be upright but relaxed and comfortably balanced
  • Hands comfortably placed on your thighs
  • Once you are seated and have adjusted your body position try and stay as still as possible, this helps still the mind



  • Bring a clear intention to fully engage in the pratice. Leave all other concerns to the side for ten minutes
  • Remember not to try too hard, just gently observe
  • It can be helpful to stabilise the attention by counting the breath either from 1 to 5 or 1 to 10. You can repeat the cycle as many times as feels helpful to settle the mind
  • Count one at the end of the inbreath and just before the outbreath so that your attention can be with the outbreath as it releases
  • The purpose behind counting is to replace the many distractable involuntary thoughts with one intentional thought
  • Another technique is silently noting ‘in’ with the inbreath and ‘out’ with the outbreath
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