The Mindful In May Community: Meet David Prior

davidpriorbloguseDavid Prior is a successful entrepreneur and founder of five:AM organic yoghurt. Dave’s Indian heritage means that meditation, mindfulness, yoga, and a spiritual philosophy were in his life from a young age. In his mid-twenties Dave dedicated himself to daily yoga and meditation practice that he continues today and credits this practice with giving him mental clarity, increased energy, and inner peace.  Aside from his daily meditation and passion for business Dave loves time with his family and heading to the ocean in search of surf.

What led you to meditation?

I found meditation when I most needed it.  Late 20’s: working hard, doing my masters, and partying like an animal.  Torching the candle at both ends!  If I didn’t learn to go within I was going to burn out.

What value has practising meditation brought to your life?

It’s probably not best to take a utilitarian approach to meditation and talk of value.  However, meditation enables clarity of thought, focus, an ability to deal with stress, and amazing amounts of energy.

How has meditation supported you in your professional life and thriving business?

Pre my yoga and meditation days I did lots of doing many things at once, doing none to their fullest, and feeling stressed I had so much to do! Meditation enables you to calmly work – focusing entirely on the present moment, powerfully dealing with each issue or situation.  When we launched our brand with a national retailer last year, I had a number of 20-hour stints at work with no sleep. Ducking into the office for a quick meditation amazingly restored me each time for the next battle.

What are the biggest obstacles to your practice?

None. I wouldn’t let there be. I have a supportive partner who appreciates both the spiritual and business path; it helps a lot.

A quote that most inspires you and why?

“Be a light unto thyself”  Buddha.  

To me, it means to be the person you want to be, be the person you aspire to be.

A book that has opened you to new ideas and inspired your growth? Why?

That’s hard, I’ve been a voracious reader – though not much now.  Probably Osho – just a visionary revolutionary thinker.  His central message was simple: don’t buy into the dogma and norms.  Know yourself and be yourself.

Mindful music?

I find opera cleansing and centering.  Pavarotti was a gift from God.
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