Week Three Complete

You’ve made it through your third week!

How did you go? Did you manage to meditate every day?

What was the most common obstacle that came up for you this week? Let us know by sharing your reflections on Instagram or in the Facebook group.

Mindfulness is all about remaining open to whatever it is that arises – during our practice and in everyday life. Through this openness, we find curiosity and acceptance, and we are better able to see things as they are and meet challenges with greater clarity and wisdom.

In this context, acceptance does not mean resignation. We don’t want you to stay in problematic situations without trying to change them. Rather, acceptance means not dismissing, rejecting or denying reality as it is occuring for you in the here and now.

This kind of acceptance puts us in a stronger position to make changes, as we are not living in a state of denial or some other coping mechanism. Instead, we are embracing what is so in all its vivid actuality, and using that as a solid launching platform from which to make our next moves.

As we head into the next week, welcome whatever it is that comes up for you. It’s all a part of the experience.

We are loving your pics on Instagram! Keep up all the fantastic sharing and comments. If you’ve not yet posted any pics or joined in with the community, that’s perfectly okay, but it’s not too late to join in if you feel inclined! One more week to go.

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