Week Two Complete

You’ve made it through your second week!

How did you go? Did you manage to meditate every day?

We hope that mindfulness is starting to become more integrated in your day to day and that you’re beginning to create a happy balance between being and doing.

But if you’re not yet feeling any results, do not worry. It’s often only in retrospect that we’re able to see change taking place. In this culture of impatience, we must remember to allow the space and time for change to take place at its natural speed. There is a metamorphosis taking place; trust in the process!

Take a moment to consider your relationship to patience:

Are you as patient as you’d like to be?

Where does impatience show up most noticeably in your life?

As we move into week three, I would like you to be mindful of how impatience presents itself during your practice. Are you fidgety or frustrated? Do you get a sudden urge to get up and attend to something else?

It is perfectly normal to have this come up for you, as forming a meditation practice is like a detox for the mind. We must cleanse out the impatience, anxiety, restlessness, and excessive stimulation to make way for clarity, calm and focus.

For more on this – and how you can live a more mindful life – get a copy of The Happiness Plan guidebook if you haven’t already, available here.

We are loving your pics on Instagram! Keep up all the wonderful sharing.

Today’s Photo Challenge

We talked today about how we can end up limiting ourselves when we don’t have a ‘growth mindset’ and see challenges as opportunities for growth. We are fluid beings, always changing and capable of so much more than we might know.

We’d love you to post a picture/caption that captures a challenge you’d like to take on now or in future, ideally something you once believed you could not do. Learning a language. Taking up an instrument. A new skill. A new job. A marathon. What would you do if you were not limited by your ideas of what you think you’re capable of? Remember to hashtag it with #thehappinessplan. We will choose some of your images to post tomorrow in our Insta story!

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