Welcome to Week Two of #thehappinessplan

This week in #thehappinessplan, we are using the breath as a tool. The breath is an exceptional mindfulness tool because you always carry it with you! 

You can find this week’s guided meditation here. 

The idea of using the same meditation every day is to help you get really familiar. Eventually, you’ll be able to do it without guidance and your brain will get used to focusing in this way. So, even when the novelty has worn off, keep going, as you’ll be developing new neural pathways towards greater focus, calm and clarity. 

This week, we are also going to begin to cover more reflections. These are cues to get you thinking about important areas of your life and how they might be improved through a more mindful approach. 

It’s not too late to sort out your intentions for your mindfulness practice with our free guide here, as this will help you get clear on what is most important to you.

These topics are covered in detail in The Happiness Plan guidebook, available here

But if you don’t have the book, all you need to do is follow along with the daily practices we’ll be publishing on Instagram. Feel free to join our closed Facebook group too, as we are having chats over there too.

We hope you’re enjoying the photo challenge! It’s so great to see everyone’s pics, please join in if you haven’t done so yet.

Today’s Photo Challenge:

​​​​​​​As we develop our breath meditation, we might begin to feel a closer connection to the natural world. As we begin to slow ourselves down and focus on our life force, we might start to notice small, beautiful details in our environments. Today’s pic challenge is to post an image of something you’ve noticed in nature. Hashtag it with #thehappinessplan so we can all see each other’s pics. We will choose some of your images to post tomorrow in our Insta story!

#thehappinessplan image inspiration: spiderweb

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