A lesson on being supported by others

When you want to begin a new habit, it’s easy to be really inspired for the first week or two, but fall off track once the novelty wears off. If you notice this happening, bring it up with the community. It’s entirely normal to encounter enthusiasm dips, so please don’t be ashamed if you need to be supported by others.
A lesson on being supported by others: A statue of a hand holds up a tree branch.
On the themes of learning and support, I am reminded of watching my daughter learn to walk… When a baby learns to walk, there is a lot of falling, but the baby never stops trying. There is an energy which makes them keep trying, despite falling, over and over again…. But their progress also depends on support and connection. Just like us! It’s through relationships that they receive the motivation and encouragement to keep trying. Babies who are without connected relationships don’t thrive and don’t develop appropriately…
A lesson on being supported by others: A toddler stands in between his mother and a father holding their hands.
Learning and transformation take time and support, and inevitably require us to get back up, no matter how many times we’ve fallen… So this month is all about providing you with an online community to support your new meditation practice. How little or how much you participate in the meditations, challenges and conversations is entirely up to you, but we encourage you to be active so you can support and be supported by others, to feed a community that will benefit many – including you. All the community posts will be visible under #thehappinessplan hashtag on Instagram.
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