Day #5: Being Mindful in everyday life

Keeping attention anchored to whatever we are doing is a valuable skill which supports us to be more efficient and effective in our lives.

Choose a routine activity in your day and practise being mindful.

Here are a few suggestions:


Take a shower mindfully:

  • Bring your attention to the sensations of the water touching your skin
  • Notice the temperature
  • Listen to the sounds
  • Notice when your attention has drifted from the experience of having a shower and bring it back over and over again


Drink your tea mindfully:

  • Turn your tea into a mindful moment
  • When you are having your tea stop the other things you are doing for a few moments
  • Notice the temperature of the mug in your hands
  • Notice the smell
  • Feel the warmth in your  mouth
  • Take a moment to check in with how you are feeling?


Eat a meal mindfully:

  • Bring your full attention to the meal and the texture of the food
  • Notice the colours and smell of the food
  • Be aware of the sensations in your mouth as you chew your food
  • Notice when your attention has drifted from the experience of eating and bring it back to the activity over and over again

Initially you may wonder what purpose there is in bringing mindfulness into everyday activities.

Mindful daily activities can be opportunities and triggers to slow down, let go of thinking and tune into your senses. This can allow moments of mindfulness in everyday life “incidental mindfulness”.


Try it and see what you notice.

What activity will you bring mindfulness to today? Let us know through twitter or facebook using the hashtag #mindfulinmay we’d love to hear what you choose and what you notice.

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