Embrace Your Authentic Self: A Guide to Living a Life True to You

It is common to hear the advice, “be yourself” yet not everyone understands exactly what it means. The truth is that living a life that’s true to you means having the courage to live life on your own terms, not someone else’s. It is about respecting your own values, beliefs, and personality, and making choices that align with them. In this blog, we’ll go over a few ways that you can start living a life that’s true to you, so that you can live a happy, authentic, and fulfilling life.


Identify your beliefs, values, and passions

To start living a life that’s true to you, you must first identify your beliefs, values, and passions. Doing so can help you find your true calling, pursue activities that you’re passionate about, and live a life of purpose. Take time out to reflect on what really makes you tick, your intrinsic motivation, and what you stand for. Write these down and use them as guideposts for decision making.


Speak your truth

Many of us are conditioned from a young age to be polite, diplomatic, and politically correct. However, these behaviours can hold us back from speaking our truth, especially when it’s inconvenient, uncomfortable or unpopular. Speaking your truth means being honest and direct in your communication with others, even if it might challenge the status quo. The more you do it, the more empowered you will feel in your own being and the more authentic connections you will form.


Take action

Living a life that’s true to you is not just about setting intentions but most importantly taking action. The first step is to prioritise the things that matter to you and allocating time and energy to them. This can mean living a life of less convenience, taking risks, and doing things outside of your comfort zone, to avoid regrets and missed opportunities later. Remember, it is your destiny to pursue what fulfils you.


Surround yourself with the right people

It is not just what you do that will affect your authenticity, but also who you spend your time with. Surrounding yourself with people who share your beliefs, values, and passions will give you the courage to be yourself. You will find that you have a built-in support system that can motivate, encourage, and challenge you in a positive way, to bring out the best in you.


Let go of fear

One of the biggest obstacles to living a life that’s true to you is fear. Fear of change, fear of failure, and fear of judgement. However, the more you lean into your fear and take calculated risks, the more you will grow and learn about yourself and what brings you closer to your desired inauthentic lifestyle. Don’t let fear hold you back from living a life of your choosing.


Living a life that’s true to you requires courage, commitment, and a willingness to take risks. It is about prioritising your own beliefs, values, and passions and letting them guide your actions. It means speaking your truth even when it’s uncomfortable, and surrounding yourself with people who support and uplift you. By following these practices, you can live a life that is fulfilling, authentic, and uniquely your own. So forget about what others have told you about the “right” way to live, and embrace your true identity, your true self, and your journey of self-discovery.


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Elise Bialylew is the author of the bestselling book, The Happiness Plan, and founder of Mindful in May, the world’s largest online global mindfulness fundraising campaign.

A doctor trained in psychiatry, turned social entrepreneur and mindfulness expert, she’s passionate about supporting individuals and organisations to develop inner tools for greater wellbeing and flourishing, and offers workshops and training at The Mind Life Project.

Her work has been featured in the Huffington Post, New York Times and on Australian Television. She was recently recognised by the Australian Financial Review as a 2019 AFR Women of Influence.

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