Mindful In May Reflections: the tiniest MIMster


babymimsterThe tiniest Mimster

My meditation practice began last year when a counselor suggested it’d be a good way of dealing with the anxiety that I was experiencing following two miscarriages.

I joined the first Mindful in May campaign and attended the launch event, taking part in various group meditations. Afterwards I was struck by a feeling of lightness and freedom in my chest – a feeling that I hadn’t had in a long time.

In the following months, mindfulness helped me to deal with the uncertainty around falling pregnant and the pressures of my career. I continued to explore mindfulness once I fell pregnant and used my meditation practice during labour too.

Our little girl Asher was born three weeks ago and since then our world has been turned upside down in the most wonderful way. The changes are so overwhelming its hard to take them all in.

The other day while the baby was crying, I attempted to carry her and to eat some nuts from the cupboard at the same time. The result was cashew nuts spread across the kitchen floor. But the baby was so unsettled I didn’t feel I could put her down. Instead I sat down with her in my lap and listened to a Mindful in May meditation.

Once I was in the chair I realised how much tension I was holding in my body. I tried to release all the tension whilst holding Asher safely in my arm. For ten minutes she stopped wriggling and we both sat there peacefully. At just two weeks old I’d guess that she was the tiniest MIMster.

It’s always challenging to find the time for mindfulness amongst the chaos of life, but I feel the benefits whenever I do.

By Sara Tiefenbrun 

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