5 tips to raise $100 in one day and transform lives

What does it take to raise $100, and what could that money mean to our global community?

When you consider that one in nine people on this planet doesn’t have access to clean, safe drinking water, you’ll realise that it could mean a lot.

We think as a global community we can do better than that. Each year we’ve been making a dent in this issue, through funds raised through sponsorship during Mindful in May.

This year we want to bring clean, safe drinking water to over 17,000 people in over 30 communities in Uganda by raising $600,000 for charity: water’s clean water projects.

Most of us have a fundraising goal this year of $300. What’s $300? It’s 8 lives transformed through access to clean water. Think about that for a moment. This May, you have an opportunity to take action through your fundraising and enable 8 people to lift themselves out of poverty by enabling them the many opportunities that come when someone’s most basic needs are met. When you help someone gain access to clean, safe drinking water you also support them in having more time to attend school and get an education, find employment and not be at the mercy of water-borne diseases and hours spent walking to gather clean water from remote sources.

Today we have a challenge. We want to see if we can each raise $100 in one day and bring clean water to three people. We know we can do it and we’ve got five ways to make it happen.

1. The personal approach

  • Make a list of people who you feel instinctively would donate to your campaign if you were to ask. This is a little daunting, but the thing is, you only really need a list of 5 people. 5 x $20 donations and you’ve got yourself $100.
  • Touch base with those five people. Email might be the easiest way as people will feel less put on the spot. Your ask can be super simple, maybe something like this:

    This May I’ve been taking a challenge that’s a little different. I’m meditating for 10 minutes each day as part of Mindful in May – it’s harder than it sounds! It’s like a marathon for the mind. I get distracted and find myself making excuses about being too busy, but what’s good at keeping me going is the fundraising aspect. I’m raising funds for Charity: Water’s clean water projects in Uganda. I’m a bit daunted by my goal of $300 though. So I have something to ask: would you like to donate to my campaign?  In exchange you’ll be the recipient of my new-found gratitude and zen after all this mindfulness practice and more importantly you’ll be transforming the life of someone who will be forever grateful for your kind gesture! I’ve included the link to my campaign below where you can find out more.

  • Make sure you include your fundraising link – you could also include the stat that $35 can bring clean water to one person as a bit of a prompt. You can share this image on your social media page

Mindful In May 5 Ways to Raise $100

2. The social media blitz approach

The direct approach might not suit everyone, so here are some tips for getting the most out of social media.

  • State your intentions: Post on your social channels something along the lines of “Today as part of the Mindful in May challenge I’m trying to raise $100 in one day for clean water projects in Uganda. Will you help me get there?” Make sure you include your fundraising URL – Here’s a quick Tweet you can send out!
  • Offer to match people’s donations: (That way you’ll only have to raise $50!) “Today as part of the Mindful in May challenge I will be MATCHING any donations to my campaign (max. cumulative $X) to help fund clean water projects in Uganda, so your donation will have double the impact!”
  • Get the ball rolling with a thank you: Find someone to kick off your donations, maybe your mum or dad or your best friend, and publicly thank them for donating to your campaign (with a link to your fundraising page) – you’ll be surprised how many people then follow suit!
  • Start a Facebook Event: Create an event with a little spiel about why you’re being Mindful in May with a link to your fundraising page – then invite all your Facebook friends to support you!

3. The workplace approach

People in the office are often excited to help out your fundraising efforts – here are a few things you can do to spread the word in the workplace.

  • Send out a group email to your colleagues – you can have fun with it (“you may have noticed my general zen-like demeanour of late”) or keep it professional and to the point with a link to your page. We have a template here you can use.
  • Add your fundraising URL to your email signature: “This month I’m being Mindful in May to raise funds for clean water projects in Uganda. Will you support me? [Your URL]”
  • Print out one of these posters, fill in your fundraising URL and stick it up next to your desk.
  • Draw up a fundraising thermometer on one of the office whiteboards with your goal at the top and colour it in as people donate to you.
  • Set up a collection tin next to your desk for people to drop change in. We aren’t able to process offline donations but you can make the final payment on your card.

4. The creative approach

Got a hidden skill you can utilise to get more donations?

  • Offer to draw people something of their choice if they donate to your campaign
  • Offer to do a cover of your donor’s favourite song using the instrument of your choice – record it, pop it up on YouTube and watch the requests (and donations!) roll in!
  • If you’re not particularly creative, you can always offer to buy someone a coffee as a thank you!

5. The social approach

Organise an event with proceeds going towards your fundraising page – it could be:Mindful In May 5 Ways to Raise $100

You can pop your event up on our Events Page to make it public or just host one for your friends. You can charge per head, factor in your
costs and how many people you’d need to attend.

Asking for donations can be hard, but you’ll be surprised how willing people are to support you. So get ready and spread the word – and if you have any winning fundraising tips of your own let us know!

Some Resources

Ready to raise $100 for a wonderful cause? Click here to join our waitlist for the next round of Mindful In May!

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Elise Bialylew is the author of the bestselling book, The Happiness Plan, and founder of Mindful in May, the world’s largest online global mindfulness fundraising campaign.

A doctor trained in psychiatry, turned social entrepreneur and mindfulness expert, she’s passionate about supporting individuals and organisations to develop inner tools for greater wellbeing and flourishing, and offers workshops and training at The Mind Life Project.

Her work has been featured in the Huffington Post, New York Times and on Australian Television. She was recently recognised by the Australian Financial Review as a 2019 AFR Women of Influence.

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