Mindful in May | Meditation Taster

Here is a sneak peak at the kind of meditation practices you will get as part of the Mindful in May online program. This was the very first meditation from last years challenge, the body scan. It’s a taste of what thousands of people across the globe will be practicing as part of Mindful in May. This year there will be a few new meditations.

If you haven’t meditated before it’s worth knowing that just like physical exercise it can feel hard when you start. It gets better as you start to do it regularly and you’ll notice significant changes in your ability to stay focussed and manage stress.

Try taking ten minutes today, tomorrow and the next day – and see if it starts to feel different. Then, maybe you’ll find you’re up for a bigger challenge – 31 days of mindfulness meditation, while raising funds for a good cause and reaping the benefits to your mind, body, emotions, relationships, work and daily life.

You can sign up to be mindful in may with friends and workmates this year. Register your own team online, fundraise to help bring clean water to those in need and support one another to meditate every day. You’ll feel so good by the end. It’s a real win, win. But it only happens once a year and registration closes very soon.

Registrations for Mindful in May close very soon.





Before April 30.

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