Mindful Tips to Enhance Focus In a Distracted World

Life is full of distractions. With social media, smartphones, and endless notifications, it’s hard to stay focused on a single task. In the age of information overload, we’re all looking for ways to increase our productivity, reduce stress, and improve our performance. In this blog post, you will learn some mindful tips to help you enhance focus in a distracted world.


Start Your Day with Mindfulness Practice

To enhance focus, it is recommended to start your day with a simple mindfulness practice. Just take a few minutes to sit down in silence and focus on your breaths. Mindfulness meditation has been linked to better focus, higher levels of creativity, and lower stress levels. It’s important to set aside a few minutes for meditation regularly.


Take Short Breaks

Taking short breaks between intensive mental tasks can help enhance focus. It’s recommended to take a ten minutes break for every fifty minutes of work. During this break time, try to step away from technology or any other distractions. Take a walk, listen to music or simply breathe. This way, you can rejuvenate your mind for the next task.


Schedule Your Tasks

Another tip to enhance focus is to schedule your tasks. It is critical to prioritise your tasks by importance and urgency. Completing similar tasks together is advisable as it allows you to get into a state of flow and avoids switching between different states of mind. Programs like Trello or Asana are very useful tools to prioritise and schedule your tasks.


Reduce Multitasking

You might think multitasking can help you accomplish more in less time, but it turns out that trying to do too many things at once is a counterproductive habit. When you’re multitasking, you’re actually dividing your attention and not allowing your mind to focus. To enhance focus, it’s essential to reduce multitasking and focus on one task at a time.


Get Enough Sleep

Sleep plays a critical role in both our mental wellbeing and focus. To enhance focus, ensure you get sufficient sleep every night by establishing a regular sleep cycle. A minimum of seven hours of sleep is required for optimal performance. Quality sleep time sets the foundation for the rest of your day.


Mindful tips to enhance focus in a distracted world is an essential skill that can be learned for greater productivity and better mental peace. You can start small by incorporating some of these tips into your daily routine. By practising mindfulness, taking regular breaks, scheduling tasks, avoiding multitasking, and getting enough sleep, you will enhance your focus, productivity, and overall well-being. With focus and mindfulness, even the most distracted world can be a place of opportunities and growth.


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"If we wish to be healthy, happy and clear-minded, we need to upgrade our “inner technology”of attention to meet the demands of our increasingly complex world. That's where mindfulness comes in.."




Elise Bialylew is the author of the bestselling book, The Happiness Plan, and founder of Mindful in May, the world’s largest online global mindfulness fundraising campaign.

A doctor trained in psychiatry, turned social entrepreneur and mindfulness expert, she’s passionate about supporting individuals and organisations to develop inner tools for greater wellbeing and flourishing, and offers workshops and training at The Mind Life Project.

Her work has been featured in the Huffington Post, New York Times and on Australian Television. She was recently recognised by the Australian Financial Review as a 2019 AFR Women of Influence.

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