Mindful In May Community: Jan Stewart

jan stewart Jan Stewart is a customer service and engagement specialist, facilitator, meditation and yoga instructor based out of Melbourne, Australia. She brings with her over 20 years of experience in numerous customer service and meditation roles, both out of the United States (including the EnlightenNext World Centre) and Melbourne, Australia. Her work has equipped her with a strong understanding of integral practice, in particular customer service and mindfulness. Jan’s wealth of life and work experience has informed her interests in innovation, depth, and the evolution of culture and consciousness. She is the co-founder of the Mindful conference – an event that explores mindfulness, technology and the edge. You can read more of her mindful contemplations at her BLOG 


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1. What led you to meditation?

Wanting to understand relationship dynamics.

2. What value has practising meditation brought to your life?

Given me a context for life.

3. How has meditation supported you in your professional life ?

Meditation provides a strength to help bear professional pressures and foster creativity.

4. What are the biggest obstacles to your practice?

Too much work.

5. What is a quote that most inspires you and why?

Freedom has no history because it is true and it is liberating.

6. What is a book that has opened you to new ideas and inspired your growth and why?

Enlightenment is a Secret because it helped me to see that freedom has no history.

7. What Mindful Music do you listen to (ie. music that grabs your full attention and brings you into the moment.)

I love silence.

8. Why are you being Mindful in May?

In our increasingly connected world externally, we need to be increasingly connected internally. Plus I appreciate the opportunity to contribute to clean water for others.
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