Final Mindful In May Community Reflections

Mindful in May Community reflections…

Mindful In May Community member practising meditation and mindfulness

Here are thoughtful reflections from the MIM COMMUNITY. Remember, you can share your own and go into the draw to win great prizes – details here.

Some new MIM reflections from our  final week of MIM:

Veronica O’Brien, Carly Owen, and Ben D. share their MIM reflections:

It really connects me to a warmth and love for others that I can feel flows in me after the meditation and hopefully the energy is received by those I’ve mindfully held in meditation.” ~ Veronica O’Brien

I have also noticed that I am mindful when I run. I zone into the breath, and the pace of my feet, and the pain and discomfort I used to focus on, and how far I had to go, doesn’t hinder me. I’m enjoying it more than I ever did :)” ~ Carly Owen

“One great thing I’ve learned about the practice of meditation is it shouldn’t just be an isolated “moment” or “time” during your day, but rather a mindset…mindful mediation has really helped me with my schoolwork, my connections with friends, and even how I eat meals” ~ Ben D. 

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Ilana Laps, our Top MIM fundraiser, shares a beautiful reflection on her epic Mindful In May community challenge.

After challenging her sponsors with “the more you donate, the more I’ll meditate“, she committed to 45 minutes a day in May and  reflects:

“MIM has been so easy, and entirely impossible. I’ve noticed how my life is set up to not have time for stillness. And also, that stillness is always there. Bringing it from the background to the foreground is a life-enhancing practice. The more mindful I am, the more life slows down. How nice, for time to pass slowly as the year races on.”

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Theresa Winters, leading the MindfullyMelbs meditation team, shared her thoughts:

I’ve taken time to stop and pause in my daily life. Just sitting there for a minute or two, focusing on my breathing, or the sensations my various body parts are feeling as they’re pressed into a chair or on a sofa. I try to stop and actually look at what I’m walking past. Those trees — the autumn leaves — the sky — the parrots flying overhead. Those are things I miss out on in daily life, even if they’re right in front of my eyes.

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Dan A’vard has been tracking his Mindful Journey weekly. He shares his final reflections:

May has felt like by far the longest month of the year. That is such a good thing, this year has been rushing by. Actually experiencing more moments in each day has appeared to slow down time, opened up the month, and created much more than 10 minutes of space.”

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The Loving Earth team has studiously tracked their progress over the month of meditation they share some honest reflections HERE. How inspiring to see a company supporting their staff to meditate!

Sara Tiefenbrun shares a touching reflection about the “tiniest MIMster of all”. Last year she loved being Mindful in May, and this year she’s being Mindful in May with her newborn baby.

Hung Pham shares his MIM reflections and stunning photographic journalling of mindfulness on the move. He reflects on how his meditation practice led him to leave his day job and travel the world in pursuit of his passion.

Chakae D’Ellencourt shared authentic reflections HERE

Laura Dawson from Berlin shared her thoughts: “taking time out to train my mind to follow thoughts less and to focus on the present moment more is a necessary thing for me”

Scarlett Killaly from Porcelain Tea Parlour shared her reflections and a meditative film clip on taking time for tea and her reflections so far:

This week’s meditation has created an opportunity to experience real peace. After focusing on the soundscapes and returning to the body I have noticed a feeling of complete comfort and contentment. My body feels still and quiet and strong. My breath is soft, slow, and even. I have struggled to attain this feeling while focusing on the breath as the very thought of letting my breath go seems to make it difficult to breathe naturally. Looking forward to experimenting with this more. So grateful that I signed up to MIM and am beginning to learn and play with meditation.

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