Tips to help deal with exhaustion

Exhausted anyone?

Glad I’m not the only one.

We’ve all been operating on fight or flight for nearly two years. 

The rollercoaster continues. 

Things are on the up but we’ve got some rest and restoration to catch up on (don’t you agree?). 

If you’re feeling a little fragile, a little exhausted and a little “when-can-life-return-to-a-little-more-normal-and-predictable”…

You’re not alone.

If you’re feeling like the beginning of 2022 is a little less about setting big aspirations and more about continuing to survive through it all…

You’re not alone. 

You’re doing fine. 

It’s not a normal time in history. So it makes sense that we wouldn’t be feeling totally normal. 


There are ways to consciously shift the mindset and support ourselves towards a more positive, uplifting, restorative future. 

Scheduling is something to look forward to in your week is a powerful strategy to stay resilient and strong as we continue along the Covid treadmill. 

What can you book into your week to look forward to?

I’ve booked a massage and an evening sunset walk with a girlfriend when the kids are down. 

It’s the small things that make a big difference when times are a little challenging. 

Don’t forget, we’ve all been battered. 

There’s a psychological whiplash adjusting back to life beyond Covid. 

Be kind to yourself today, and every day after that. 

Self-compassion is everything. 

At times like these, we NEED to be our own best friend.





P.S. If these words are comforting, feel free to forward this blog to a friend who you know could benefit too.

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